Three unidentified bodies found in Katlehong

Katlehong Police are requesting community assistance in identifying three unknown deceased bodies that were found in Katlehong at different places.

The first unknown body is for the female who was found on April last year at Natal-Spriut river next to Sonwabo section.

Description: she is light in complexion, with bruises on her face, bite on top mouth lip and on her right eye. No other injuries on her body.

The second unknown body is a male who was also found at Natal-Spriut river next to Sonwabo section on April 17 last year.

Description: he is also light in complexion with dark hair and tall in hight, muscular body. No injuries.

The third unknown deceased body was found along the street at Khumalo section in Katlehong on August 24.

Description: black male who is about 32 years old who was found murdered with multiple of wounds all over his body and is suspected to be a mob justice victim by observation of his wounds.

Who to call?

Police are calling upon anyone who might be of assistance in locating the families of the deceased bodies to come forward as this will help both the families and the investigation to be concluded in due course.

Contact person is the investigating officer: Warrant Officer Mkhize at 082 487 8362 or alternatively Katlehong SAPS at 011 617 3600.

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