In July a group of TVET college students organized themselves and formed the movement, All TVETS One Voice. The movement seeks to be the voice of all TVET students in South Africa and to position the TVET and training environment and as a catalyst for fundamental economic transformation in South Africa.

On the 12th of August members of the movement started marching to DHET from Orbit TVET College in Rustenburg. Day 8 of the march, the marchers visited three Sedibeng TVET Colleges where they engaged students on issues faced by TVET students across the country. The members of the group highlighted that before they are students, they are members of the society who cannot watch miscarriages of justice prevail under their watch.

The president of the movement, Nkosinathi Delmani who has been a victim of the TVET system, says he has been illegally deregistered by Orbit College for being vocal on student issues. Yesterday, Delmani addressed the students of Sedibeng College on corruption, maladministration, the poor and uneven administration of the National Student Financial Aid, poor student governance policies and the curriculum in the TVET sector. ‘’ We are aware that TVET colleges do not exist in isolation but are microcosms of society which absorb students from communities, indoctrinate them into a trade and ejects them to a workplace where they will contract their labor due to historical challenges that persist to permeate the TVET sector from its existence’’, said Delmani.

Sedibeng college was not the marchers last stop, on their way to DHET they will continue to visit TVET colleges and engage with student and student leaders. ‘’ The transformation of the sector will not take place in one day even after the march we will continue to question questionable things within our sector. Nothing speaks to us in TVET colleges not even the curriculum’’, said Delmani when he spoke to Mapepeza.

Activists of ATOV with students of Sedibeng College Vereeniging Campus

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